Career Expo participants will have the opportunity to share professional experience of real world applications of science and engineering with exceptional young men and woman.

The Expo has become one of the highlights throughout the day for the students! There is no financial commitment required to participate in the Career Expo. The time commitment is minimal (9:00 am – 2:00 pm, which includes continental breakfast and lunch); the impact you could have is great.

What can I expect?

  • A specific area will be designated for Career Expo Participants (including Universities, Research Labs, industry representatives, companies, and government organizations) with table space to set up materials to showcase their field and specific line of work.
  • As students circulate the Career Expo, they will be prepared to ask questions of Expo representatives at each booth. (i.e. information regarding the specific field, courses required to enter that field, and possible postsecondary degrees, etc.)
  • The 2017 Career Expo will have expanded space to provide opportunity for more conversations between students and science and engineering professionals.
“I just love having the opportunity to share with students. They were amazed at the numerous options in science careers. I was impressed by their intrigue. Thanks for making me a part of this day.”
Career Expo Participant