The N.A.T.U.R.E. Rug Alarm Clock

by Amelia Dyar

A few words from the participant(s)

What steps did you take to develop your project?

D – Define the Need. Our need was that waking up in the morning is hard,

E – Explore the Research. We learned this was not caused by waking up early, but sleep inertia.

S – Search for Solutions. We brainstormed many ways to help ourselves wake up. No idea was left out, even though some weren’t very feasible.

I – Illustrate the Best Idea. Out of all out ideas, we found the two most feasible that would also counteract sleep inertia.

G – Give it a Try. We built each part of our product separately to make sure they worked, and then combined them as best we could into one piece.

N – Need any Changes? After we tested it, we changed the song a few times, as well as adjusting how sensitive the pressure sensor was. We would still need to revise it a bit more to reach the final product.

Why are you competing?

I believe that The N.A.T.U.R.E. Rug Alarm Clock should be picked to compete because it helps solve a problem that nearly everyone has, while doing it’s part to take care of the environment.