Eco Friendly Sea Wall

by Jarilyn Pelayo-Montufar & Hannah Ceesay

A few words from the participant(s)

What steps did you take to develop your project?

In order to develop this project you had to think of a real world problem and we felt inspired about homes that our lost due to their proximity to the ocean. We began to investigate places where this happened and found that in Puerto Rico the erosion of home bases from sea waves are causing people to lose their homes. We did a bit of research to find what was out in the market already, that is where we encountered sea walls. We did research on seawalls to see what made them efficient, and began brainstorming ideas. In order to make these seawalls available to people in third world countries we had to make them cheap to produce and out of readily available resources. We decided to use plastic. Plastic is available almost everywhere and their are large amounts of plastic polluting the environment, so our Idea was to incorporate plastic into our seawall design in order to eliminate pollution. We developed a prototype and tested it out. We then ran some analytical tests to come to our conclusions.

Why are you competing?

If we were to win this competition the funds that are received will be used to create awareness about people who are losing their homes. As well as inspire people to find creative ways they can reuse plastic.