Elementary Science & Engineering Fair

Elementary students are full of creativity, enthusiasm, and most importantly, potential.  As we focus on developing students into strong problem solvers and innovators, it was important for us to provide a true STEM experience for our youngest learners at this year’s fair. We want and need students to start understanding how science and math are used to solve real world problems. 

Our goal for this year is to allow our youngest students an opportunity to try and solve some of the problems facing our state, while also supporting their interest and experiences in science, math, and technology. 

Become a Problem Solving Partner:

  1. Community partners will provide students with REAL problems that local scientists and engineers are currently facing in their own work.
  2. Students will do the research and develop solutions to proposed problems that impact our community.
  3. Our partners will then have a chance to evaluate and judge the students solutions to their problem.

Contact: rachel@accentcreativegroup.com for more information.