Innovation In Action Expo

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Extended Application Deadline: February 10th

Example Video for Innovation in Action

Innovation In Action Expo


All Gwinnett County Public School High and Middle School students who has identified a problem or issue they wish to solve using innovated ideas.


The Innovation Expo will be hosted digitally. Up to fifteen students will opportunity to share their ideas through their online submissions, research, and innovative solutions with participating peers, business partners, and the community.  Projects will be featured on the Gwinnett Science, Engineering + Innovation Fair virtual website.

As a participant in the Innovation Expo, these students will be awarded with the opportunity to share their project idea with investors in order to receive support, advice to bring their idea to life, and to receive a prize pack provided by our sponsors. Awards include seed money and mentoring opportunities to help your project or prototype become a reality.


Gwinnett’s Innovation In Action Expo is a unique opportunity for students to showcase where innovation meets entrepreneurship through their Science, Engineering, Technology and Computer Science projects. The Gwinnett Science, Engineering, and Innovation Fair wants to showcase the best projects that have taken the next step and embraced a real-world application. The Expo challenges exceptional students to go public with their ideas and showcase their innovative thinking from inception to application. We are challenging students to “Ask WHY” and transform their wonderings into innovative solutions that impact their community.


Projects considered Innovation in Action must be science, engineering, or mathematics based research. Students will have thought deeply about the WHY? behind their project. Students will have identified a real-world issue or need and developed an actual or prototypical solution. Innovation projects and applications will be reviewed digitally via innovation application and video “pitch” application for panel of judges “sharks”.
*Live pitch sessions will not take place this year.

Innovation In Action Registration

Step 1:

Develop An Innovative Project That Meets a Need as a Product and/or Solves a Problem (Prototype, Device, Software, App, etc)

Step 2:

Submit Your Entry Including a Video of Your Project In Action

Step 3:

Select Entries will Advance to the Innovation in Action Showcase @ the Gwinnett Regional Science, Engineering + Innovation Fair on Friday February 24, 2023

Step 4:

Projects will be Judged by In-Field STEM Experts and Business Community Members; Projects will Compete for Scholarships, Mentorship, and Promotion in the Community