Parental Support

parent and child walking

A science fair project is ultimately not about building a volcano or making a robot. It’s about experimentation, creativity and discovery. Students pull from many disciplines to complete a project. In the end, they not only get a sense of pride in their work, but also can earn awards, scholarships and trips. Students use all the skills they have learned to put together a project. Writing, speaking, logic, and critical thinking all play roles in the completion of a project.

In the ever-competitive world of college applications, participation in this event is a great plus, because it proves that the student can complete long-term goal. Your involvement is key in the success of your child’s Science & Engineering Fair experience. If you have any questions or concerns, just ask! We are here to help and in some cases, point your child in the direction to get project help.

Please view the information provided in Rules & Guidelines and Project Forms & Deadlines to familiarize yourself with the process for completing a successful Science Fair project.