Second Life Bag

by Irene Gonzalez Gutierrez, Mercy Ewoodzie & Catalina Camacho Rondon

A few words from the participant(s)

What steps did you take to develop your project?

To develop this project, it was necessary to write an engineering goal, brainstorm, research, conduct a patent search, draw initial sketches, 3-d model, write a construction plan along with materials needed, document the process, write an initial test plan involving the testing of waterproofness of the bag, and the amount of weight it can hold.

Why are you competing?

This project decreases pollution in a unique way, not only is inexpensive but it also prevents further pollution from one of the biggest industries, fast fashion and manufacturing, and the only thing needed is the connection to be able to use recycled materials. Later on the issue with the project would be sewing machines; however, this project could start off as just a workshop where people go and learn how to sew and make their own bags out of recycled materials provided by this workshop in order to raise awareness of the project to gain sponsors and connections.