The Gwinnett Regional Science, Engineering + Innovation Fair Award Ceremony will in a virtual format.  The awards will be sent out to participants in a spreadsheet and video format following the live event. The Awards Ceremony video will reveal the winners and highlight special awards. Students, judges and the community will be notified when the video and award list has been published online for everyone to view.

Thank you all for participating!

Elementary School Winners

The Drive-Thru of the Future

Sophia Rojas

Smart Recycle Identifier

Maansi Singh

How to Prevent Power Outages

Rylan Adams

Rethinking Runoff

Dakota Keever

Combating Plastic Pollution with Bioplastics

Rahil Shah

Household Raincatcher

Ava Russell

Middle School Winners

Space Solar Energy Station

Shriya Tailor

Sink or Swim?

Steven Huang

Comparison of Lake, River & Creek Water Drinking Quality

Naysa Brewer

Mask On, Please!

Zoe Lee

Sinkhole Prevention Tactics

Aliana Dandawala

Why Are You So Salty?

Oyinkansola Adekonye

High School Winners

Acetobacter Xylinum & the Development of an Alternative Biodegradable Textile

Ciara Mitchell

Using Seaweed in Order to Protect Skin from UV Rays

Jessica Borders

Galleria Mellonella Biodegradation of Polyethylene by Digestion

Mireya Ramirez

Portable Method of Detecting Oncoming Fires

Anika Mathur & Kristina Yu

Automated UVC Sanitizing of Money

Nathaniel Morgan, Roshan Saigal, & Timothy Nguyen

Optimization of Navigating Intersections

Chandni Pari Jain