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The Gwinnett Regional Science, Engineering + Innovation Fair is a community-wide event celebrating student innovation in science, technology, engineering and research in Gwinnett County. Due to the pandemic, the event this year will be digital, but the organizers are committed to providing participants a high level of engagement with judges and the STEM community.

Students competing in the Regional Fair will have the opportunity to present their research to judges in a live format using Zoom. Students will also be able to learn from representatives from universities and organizations representing the fields of science, engineering, research and technology in asynchronous STEM Experience Workshops using a digital platform. This year’s awards will be recognized with a video production that will capture top winners.

Welcome Video

Student Information and Reminders

Each project will have a scheduled time slot to meet with judges via Zoom. Refer to the Judging Interview-At-A-Glance Schedule below.

Middle and High School Judging Interview At-A-Glance

Student Welcome & Introductions – 5 minutes
Project Presentations – 7-10 minutes
Judge Q/A – 7-10 minutes
Debrief and Scoring- 5 minutes

  • Science Fair Coordinators will provide students with their schedule judging time and unique Zoom link.
  • Outside of the scheduled judging time, schools will determine participants’ schedule for the day of the Regional Science Fair. Asynchronous STEM Experience Workshops are available to Science Fair Participants on the digital science fair platform. This platform will remain available to students beyond the day of the Fair to explore and experience.
  • In lieu of an in-person award ceremony, an award ceremony video will be created to capture this year’s winners and highlights. The video will be sent to science fair coordinators and will be available for viewing in the Awards Ceremony Virtual Exhibit Hall.
  • Should students have any questions on the day of science fair, visit the virtual HELP DESK icon to connect with a support staff member.

Digital Regional Fair Overview Schedule

STEM Experience Workshops have been created and curated to feed students’ curiosities and fuel their desire to learn.  Workshops are asynchronous learning, allowing students to have choice amongst their interests and to visit as their schedule allows.  Access to the workshops will be available after the event to provide extended learning opportunities. Each workshop can be accessed through an interactive PDF with links to videos, online resources, classes and activities.

STEM Passport

Use this STEM Passport to guide you through your learning. While all sessions are optional, we encourage you to complete as many as possible. Download and turn in your Passport here when you are finished to be entered into a prize drawing.


Participating students represent a cross-section of the county, having earned the distinction to be showcased at this event. Furthermore, the students who earn first place here at the Regional Fair will advance to the Georgia State Science & Engineering Fair. In addition, six select high school projects will directly advance to the prestigious Regeneron International Science & Engineering Fair.  Students advancing to the Georgia State competition will be contacted as well.


The Gwinnett Regional Science, Engineering + Innovation Fair Award Ceremony will be a bit different this year. The awards ceremony will be sent out to participants in a video format following the virtual event. The Awards Ceremony video will reveal the winners and highlight special awards. Students, judges and the community will be notified when the video and award list has been published online for everyone to view.

Every year, tens of millions of students participate in science fairs around the globe but only about 1,800 earn the right to compete for nearly $5 million awards bestowed each May at the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF).

The 2022 Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair will take place in Atlanta, Georgia, between May 7 and 13. Regeneron ISEF will be held as a hybrid event with a judged competition and distribution of Grand and Special awards for in-person and virtual finalists.

Regeneron International Science Engineering Fair


For judging, please use your individual Zoom link.